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We have been taking care of the family meals of our customers for almost two decades. Due to the high quality of the Fermador chicken, the meal becomes a moment full of taste, energy and happiness.

The most important milestones in Fermador Company’s history :

1994 – Rom Trading Company is founded, a company that had her main activity the commerce of chicken meat, fishes, sausages, cheese sortiments and meat cans. The company starts initially like a family business in which every member is involved mind and soul.; 

2000 – The year when we make our first investment in poultry by buying an incubation station in Razboieni village, Ion Neculce common, which we improve between the years 2001-2003; 

2001 – We buy the chicken farm from Henci village, Podu Iloaiei, Iasi county, which we improve in the period 2001-2004; 

2001 –  Pasion, responsibility and the respect for the healthy, traditional values are all qualities that we will find in the first registered trademark of the company: “Aurica, pui de aur”

2001 – We implement the ISO 9001/2001 Quality Standard.

2005 – We implement the HACCP ISO 22000/2005 Food Safety Standard

2008 – We inaugurated the modern abattoir from Podu Iloaiei, Iasi county. Following this greenfield investment, we can fully guarantee the Fermador certificated quality for all of his chicken meat products.

2009 – Carrefour Romania  choose to sell Rom Trading Company’s products under their label as “No.1”. In the same year the brand FermaDor is “borned”, founded.

2011 – The company buys a farm where chickens are grown in Doina village, Girov common,  Neamt county, having a capacity of 400.000 head per/series. Farm that gets a boost of improvements between 2011 and 2012

2013 – Using a rebranding technique FermaDor becomes Fermador, consolidating in this way the chicken meat production strategy, family oriented. In the same year Fermador receives the special prize during the event “Campioni in business” – “ Business Champions” organized by “Ziarul Financiarul”.

2016 – We inaugurate the reproduction farm from Razboieni village, Ion Neculce common, that was bought in 2012 and modernized between 2013-2016. In the same year we change the name of the company in the papers from Rom Trading in Fermador.

2016 – We change the name of the company from Rom Trading Company to Fermador.

2016 – Wepurchased the functional asset Tg. Frumos belonging to SC AVICOLA Iași.

2017 – Farm no. 7-8 was modernized and put into operation in Războieni, Ion Neculce Commune.

2018 – Farm no. 5- 6 was modernized and put into operation in Războieni, Ion Neculce Commune.

2018 – after a 2-year construction period, the Combined Feed Factory (FNC) was inaugurated in Războieni, Ion Neculce Commune.

2018 – the Podu-Iloaiei Slaughterhouse was expanded and modernized, increasing productivity to 5000 heads/hour.

2019 – Farm no. 10 was modernized and put into operation in Târgu Frumos.

2019 – It was purchased and modernization works started at Săvinești Farm in Neamț County.

2022 – Săvinești Farm was put into operation.

2023 – the Incubation Station in Războieni, Ion Neculce commune, was modernized and expanded to high technological standards.

2023 – a feather and viscera loading station was built in the Podu-Iloaiei Slaughterhouse.

2023 – a new sewage treatment plant was built within the Podu-Iloaiei Slaughterhouse.


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Tasty and fresh, the Fermador chicken is an excellent choice for your children’s healthy diet and family meals.

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The Fermador chicken is always easily accessible as we continue to develop our own retail points, always supplied with fresh products. 

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Fermador is the chicken we raise our children with.