Family Day is every day!

It’s the simple things that bring the family closer together. 


There’s no such thing as “unsolvable conflict”

The world is full of countless strained relationships, relatives who haven’t spoken to each other for years, minor differences transformed into long-term irreversible feuds and, finally, regrets. All these could be avoided with a bit of wisdom, calm, and a phone call made at the right time.

Children come first 

The birth of a new member of the family is a moment of great joy, but also a great responsibility. The time spent with your child shouldn’t be a burden, but rather an assumed duty, a never-ending adventure, and an investment in your own future. Because children who are raised in the spirit of “you come first” will know when it’s their turn to make a step back.

Family roles 

Each member of the family chooses or is given a role: the clever one, the resourceful one, the erratic one, the shy one etc. There comes a time when the role doesn’t fit you any more, but in order to be looked at differently by the others, you need to start acting differently. Once you prove you’ve changed, the others will notice and respond to it.

Let the best man be defeated

Even though they might be the most important people in your life, it happens to be the ones that receive the least patient and empathetic attitude. You shouldn’t agree completely, but you could at least try to respect their point of view and, why not, accept to be defeated from time to time. It’s only a noble cause: the family.

In our own image 

We know there is no such thing as identical individuals, and yet we expect our parents and siblings to thinks the same way we do or, at least, to ask for our permission before making a decision. Often, it is us who take them out of the equation and asking their opinion doesn’t even cross our mind. On the long term, these absurd claims lead to conflicts and estrangement.

There’s no such thing as “too busy” 

It’s easy to say “I’m too tired, I’ll give them a call tomorrow”and, without realising it, a week or a month has passed. Posponing doesn’t help anyone. If we want s trong family relationship, then we have to work at it, to put some effort in it, to give some of our precious time.

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