Starting with the egg, and up to our tasty products, the Fermador chicken is always in the centre of our attention.

Our incubation station is located in Războieni, Iaşi County, and has a capacity of 10 million one-day chickens a year. 

It is a modern incubation station, in which the whole technological process is insured and monitored with latest generation equipment and in which we use high quality biological material. 

In order to protect the health of our products, we conduct regularly a pest control programme, and the whole stuff takes the responsibility of respecting strict hygiene norms, according to the European regulations.

Our products

Tasty and fresh, the Fermador chicken is an excellent choice for your children’s healthy diet and family meals.

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Our shops

The Fermador chicken is always easily accessible as we continue to develop our own retail points, always supplied with fresh products. 

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Fermador is the chicken we raise our children with.