A new Fermador shop in Târgu Neamț

Because we want the Fermador chicken to reach your family dining table fresh and tasty, we have come closer to the people from Târgu Neamț.


At Fermador, we make sure the chicken respects our high-quality standards starting from the incubation station and the breeding farms, due to the latest technology equipment, fast and safe transport, and an extended retail network. 

We have now opened a new Fermador shop in Târgu Neamț, onMihai Eminescu Boulevard, block M9. 

Feel free to come and taste our products.

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Tasty and fresh, the Fermador chicken is an excellent choice for your children’s healthy diet and family meals.

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The Fermador chicken is always easily accessible as we continue to develop our own retail points, always supplied with fresh products. 

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Fermador is the chicken we raise our children with.